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Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 05:49 Written by Larry Tuesday, 30 August 2022 05:49

Security is the top importance for drivers. The tires on your car expire, and they must be changed at certain intervals. This video demonstrates how to find the expiration date.

Car tires last a period that ranges from seven to nine years following the time they were made.

The condition of your car tire is influenced by various factors
* Road conditions
* Temperature
* The Weather
* Mileage

Signs Of Deterioration of the Car Tire
* Dry Rot
The rubber begins to degrade and crack particularly along seams.
* Visible tread wear indicator line
These appear gradually when the tire wears, indicating that the tire needs to be replaced.
* Bumps on the tire
If you notice bulges or tear marks on the tire it as soon as you notice it as it may result in damage that could lead to a blowout.

How do you tell the date on which the warranty expires?
car tire is imprinted with DOT numbers. Production dates are indicated by the four final numbers. The initial two numbers indicate that the week in which the production took place while the final 2 digits indicate the year of manufacturing. The number will also show how old the tires were.

For safety of the driver and passengers as well as the vehicle ensure safety, be aware of its tire condition. 19fea1copm.