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Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 September 2022 06:09 Written by Larry Tuesday, 20 September 2022 06:09

This video explains the rights you have when being charged with DUI. It is possible to wonder whether it’s better to plead guilty or employ an DUI lawyer. Before deciding whether to plead guilty or engage an DUI lawyer, it is important to understand the consequences of both options.

DUI-related charges can be serious and the driver will be facing consequences if convicted. A conviction could lead to jail, fines and probation as well as loss of your driving privileges. A DUI conviction can impact the insurance terms and conditions as well as your employment application. Your criminal record is known to employers; they could look it up during background searches.

If you accept a plea bargain, you’re absolutely guilty. If you engage a DUI attorney the judge will be able to determine the punishment based on the case’s facts. The hiring of an DUI attorney who has experience in drunk driving cases can assist you in defending your DUI charge. A seasoned DUI lawyer will help you reach a plea bargain with your prosecutor. Instead of being convicted of first-degree DUI and resulting in imprisonment, you could find yourself guilty of lesser crimes like reckless driving or negligence in driving. The DUI attorney will also be able to determine what defenses are in place to help you fight the case. ou2xu7tbvs.