Police Officer Tasers Woman in Walmart Holding a Knife – Strong Scene Contest

Last Updated on Friday, 17 June 2022 04:44 Written by Larry Friday, 17 June 2022 04:44


If they are violent, they will do it. They are often difficult to understand. Most of the time, this happens because people are impaired by alcohol or drugs. In this video, you’ll watch footage recorded by the body camera worn by an officer of an incident that occurred recently involving an individual in Walmart carrying the knife.

The footage begins with a woman holding an object in Walmart. The officer was called in when she was allegedly trying to stab someone using the knife. She is told by the policeman to put down knives repeatedly. She looks at the officer defiantly, and then utters words that are difficult to comprehend. In the midst of urging her to put down that knife police officer calls for help. The officer has his gun on him in case of need to draw it. However, the lady isn’t satisfied with her the common sense. The second officer comes along and keeps her from her. It allows officers to secure the suspect, without needing to use a gun.