The Satisfying World of Precast Concrete – Entertainment Videos

Last Updated on Wednesday, 9 March 2022 05:35 Written by Larry Wednesday, 9 March 2022 05:35

I looked at this massive concrete structure and thought “huh, I wonder how that got there!” The following YouTube video will show you the process by which concrete precast structures are made from start to finish. The precast concrete structure is constructed by multiple different people, using various tools and hours. Take a look at the process by which those precast buildings you see along your streets are made!

Precast concrete companies first crush the rocks as well as sand in order to begin the mix process. There are many kinds of stones and sand for different mix colors and hardnesses. A few hands are required to set the massive foam letters onto the platform for casting. The casting platform acts as a support for the wall that will be created. The mixture that is wet can be poured onto the platform for casting. Once it has been added, a sheet made from welded wire mesh put in place to pull the wall down using a machine known as a screed. This process of leveling is extremely satisfying to watch, isn’t it? The last step to build the new wall of concrete is the drying process and building.