Being An SEO Reseller Can Help You Provide More Services Than You Might Think

Last Updated on Friday, 1 March 2013 10:31 Written by Larry Friday, 1 March 2013 10:31

Local seo

While you might feel like being an SEO reseller limits you to providing services that have to do with optimizing the websites of your various customers, this could not be further from the truth. In actuality, even SEO resellers who offer the most basic types of services can use them on social media profiles and blogs in addition to websites. While this will help you to win over more customers and get them to purchase plans that are much larger, you will likely find that the bulk of your customers are those with eCommerce businesses or a very strong online presence already. While you might think that this leaves out brick and mortar businesses, you can actually utilize specialized SEO reseller services that will greatly entice them as well.

Making these additions to your business will require you to become a local SEO reseller. Contrary to popular belief, being a local seo reseller does not mean working with businesses in your area, but instead has to do with targeting customers anywhere who only have a physical location and little to no online presence. While some elements of the Seo programs that you provide to these customers will be the same as your other offerings, many will prove to be vastly different, especially in regards to where they are applied.

People who resell local SEO work with services that are meant to target directories. There are two main types of such directories; those that simply host a business profile and those that are embedded on a map site and include the ability to retrieve instant directions to the location. Local SEO resellers focus all of their optimization efforts on these directories because this is where people will likely be looking for BandM businesses.

Through local map seo especially, people will be likely to find your business when they conduct a related internal search as the optimization efforts will have your customers’ company profiles show up at the top of the listings. From there, they can get a little information about their respective businesses and instantly pull up directions. This should help your clients to capture a lot more spontaneous business.

Overall, local SEO opens you up wide to a brand new demographic. It will also give you an edge over more generalized professionals with these customers. Thanks to your efforts, you will be able to win over more customers than ever.